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“I and members of my family have been clients of Laura’s for many years, but what can I say about the service we receive….”excellent” springs to mind. The honest truth is, Laura is so professional and gentle during treatment, that I do not realise when she has taken out a deep corn or tended to an ingrown toe nail. If it was not for Laura’s experience and knowledge of here trade, my daughter would have had serious issues with here posture due to problems with the arches of her feet and my husband had a fungal infection on his toe, which again her keen eye noticed. All that is left to say is… thank goodness for your clinic Laura!!!"

"I felt compelled to write this testimonial for Miss Blane.  She is more than a podiatrist.  I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my GP recommended that I needed to take care of my feet.  So I made an appointment to see Miss Blane.  During the session Miss Blane explained so much to me about diabetes and how it effected a patient and in particular their feet.  She was so knowledgeable and I came away from the appointment much enlightened.  My feet have never felt or looked so good and I intend to visit Miss Blane on a regular basis."
~Gary age 52

"I am registered blind and it is impossible for me to look after my feet properly.  For years I just used to file my nails but suffered from in growing toe nails and painful nails.  A friend recommended that I saw Miss Blane and I was amazed at the transformation. I always find it difficult going to new places and feel very nervous.  Miss Blane completely put me at ease.  She very much took into count my disability and explained step by step what she was doing to put me at ease.  My feet are now perfect with no pain and I endeavor to have the treatment regularly to maintain this.  I would highly recommend Miss  Blane who is an extremely professional and competent podiatrist."
~Lynne of Epping

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